Toddler Play – School Holidays

Helping Your Toddler Learn While Having Fun – NO BOOKING NECESSARY!

Our toddler play gym is challenging, colourful and as always, lots of fun. During toddler play time, parents/guardians (must be 18yrs and over) are requested to supervise their children at all times. 

Strictly ages 1-5yrs!

Term 2 Session Times

Dates: 15st April – 28th June

Location: Jungle Gym (24 Gympie Way)  

Times: 9:00am – 10:30am & 10:45am – 12:15pm (Mon-Fri)

Cost: $9 per child (inc 1 adult) 

$2.00 for every additional adult

No Booking required for general public
 (No children 6yrs to 16yrs permitted on the play floor during this time)

Any birthday groups wishing to stay and eat, must email prior arrival to book a room in advance (+$100

LOOKING TO PLAY ON THE WEEKEND? See Casual Play Tab for Jungle Gym Minii Sessions





NO BAGS (of any size) – leave them in the pigeon holes or in your car, or better yet, don’t bring at all

NO FOOD OR DRINK inside the gym training area

All food and drink must be consumed in the cafe room only, please clean up after yourself and your children.

NO PRAMS (or baby capsules)

NO TOYS (of any description on play floor)

Do not allow kids to throw foam (foam tears when thrown & gets in eyes)

       Be aware of your surroundings and other children.

       Children aged 6-16 will NOT be allowed to enter the gym floor during a toddler play session.

       Be kind and courteous to staff and other patrons.

       Adults not allowed on equipment especially slides & trampolines

       Don’t let other people’s children out of gate

Please follow theses rules to make it safe and clean for everyone.