School Holidays – Vacation Care


Please use the following calendar to book your school holiday session. 
We understand group numbers may change slightly on the day, so please give us your best estimate and email us if numbers change at
A $4 deposit will be required per student to book in your spots, and the rest can be paid on the day at the reception once final numbers are known*
If you are unable to pay the deposit or wish to inquire about a timeslot that is not listed, please email us at

*We do have a 20% allowance on numbers. However if you rock up with 20% less kids than your booking size then you will still have to pay the minimum fee. 20% more kids may mean that we are unable to accommodate the extra numbers. So update us as soon as possible to avoid any hiccups on the day. 

GROUP leaders

Group leaders are welcome on the gym floor to assist, however they may not use the equipment or bounce on the trampolines. 

Jungle Gym &
Jungle Gym Minii

4-6yr olds will participate at Jungle Gym Minii (18 Gympie Way)

7-11yr olds will participate at Jungle Gym (24 Gympie Way)

Class format

11am- 11:30 – Warm-up and rules

11:30am-1pm: Grouped based on size and age and rotated through fun and challenging circuits

The Group Pricing Guide is as follows: 

1-15 kids: $20

16-30 kids: $18

31-45 kids: $17

46+ kids: $16