Kids Gymnastics

We offer a diverse range of gymnastics programs for children aged 3-17

At Jungle Gym, Gymnastics is our true passion as it promotes mental and physical fitness. Its virtues of strength, power, agility, flexibility and confidence make it a springboard to all other sports.

The gymnastic program we offer at Jungle Gym is non-competitive. Our students are constantly on the move through a fun and engaging obstacle course. They jump, climb, rotate and somersault through each circuit building their gymnastics skills whilst having lots of fun. Our coaches are all qualified and active gymnasts themselves.

OUR CLASSES – TERM 3 2024 – July 15th to September 20th – 10 Week Term

Kindy Gymnastics (3-5yrs) Mon, Thurs and Fri: 11:00am-11:50am ($200 term fee)

Minii Gymnastics (4-6yrs) Mon – Thurs: 4pm-5pm & 5pm-6pm ($215 term fee^)

Beginner Gymnastics (7-11yrs) Mon – Thurs: 3:55pm-5:05pm ($215 term fee^)

Advanced Gymnastics* (7-13yrs) Mon – Thurs: 5:05pm-6:15pm ($215 term fee^)

^ All classes except the Kindy Gymnastics class have a $50 annual registration fee which comes with a Jungle Gym t-shirt!

*Advanced class is invite only, kids must first enroll in beginner gymnastics

Classes at our 2 Venues

Jungle Gym Minii: Kindy & Minii Gymnastics

Jungle Gym: Beginner & Advanced Gymnastics 


What to wear

We always recommend that kids wear leotards or shorts/tights/track pants and t-shirts when participating in our gymnastics classes. Long pants that, sit past the ankle are not appropriate, they are hazard to the child. Children should also not wear jeans, socks or jewellery. Long hair must be tied at the nape of the neck, not on the top or back of the hea, as this prevents safe headstands and forward rolls. 

Gymnastics Class Rules

· Children must be courteous to other gymnasts and coaching staff.

 · Children must listen to the coaching staff and follow instructions carefully.

· Children are not to go on any equipment in the absence of a supervising coach or without permission.

· Children may not leave their class without informing their coach.

· Skill assistance is to be done by coaches only.

· Children who are continually disruptive or interfere with others during class, a parent will be asked to supervise their child. If this fails, the child’s enrollment will be cancelled.

 · You are required to notify Jungle gym if your child has any medical, emotional, or behavioural conditions.

· Please don’t remain inside Jungle Gym’s training area while class is in progress. Please watch from the parent viewing area.

· Parents and caregivers are required to remain with their children to supervise them until they go onto the floor to commence their training. Jungle Gym staff are not responsible for children after class if a parent is late.

 · Visitors must refrain from entering the gym training area, before, during or after classes. The viewing area is intended for all visitors. Siblings will not be permitted to enter the gym area or participate in any class that they are not registered for.

Before crossing any dismount mat, tumbling strip, floor exercise mat or any other apparatus look around for other gymnasts. Don’t cross until the way is clear.

· No shoes are to be worn in the Gym. No socks, as they can be slippery on certain surfaces. Barefoot is essential (please leave all shoes in the allocated shoe racks).

· No necklaces, bracelets, earrings or other jewellery is to be worn during training sessions.

· Hair must be pulled back, so that it is away from the face. 


· Term fees must be paid in full before the commencement of the term.

· Jungle Gym runs on a strict no fees, no participation policy.

· All children are entitled to make-up two classes per term depending on availability (Any make up classes can be used up within the registered term only and not within the first 2 weeks of each term). Refunds for the balance of term fee’s will only be given in the first 2 weeks of any given the term. Notice must be given to Jungle Gym in writing. Any attended classes will be charged at $25
per class and deducted from your fee. Classes or term fees are not transferable to other children.

Jungle Gym General Rules

  •          1 at a time on equipment: e.g 1 at a time on trampoline, 1 at a time in foam pit
  •          No interfering with other kids or staff (physically or verbally)
  •          Do not throw foam (foam tears when thrown & gets in eyes)
  •          Food & drinks are strictly prohibited inside the gym play area. Chewing gum is not allowed.
  •          Be aware of your surroundings and other children
  •          No shoes or socks for children, no shoes for adults
  •          Adults: no shoes, bags, food or drink, 
  •          Adults not allowed on equipment especially slides or trampolines, please also do not sit on gym mats as they are all safety landing mats for the children. 
  •          No prams, baby capsules or toys. 
  •          Children and parents are to treat the gym and the equipment with care and consideration.
  •          Siblings cannot be left unattended anywhere within the venue.
  •          No Birthday presents to be brought into play area.