Group Bookings

Our school holiday program for Vacation Care groups


Session Times: 11am-1pm on 2nd April to 12th April

Session Days: Monday to Friday


We host our sessions across two venues/locations:

The 4-6yr olds will explore Jungle Gym Minii (18 Roxby Lane, Willetton) , 

The 7-11yr olds will experience the original Jungle Gym (24 Gympie Way). 


Please take your best guess of the number of kids you will bring to each venue. Then, one week before the school holidays commence please email us at to update us on numbers for each venue. 

The deposit is $4 per child (based on your estimate), and the remainder is paid on the day of the event once final numbers are known.

The minimum fee payable is 80% of your booked numbers, regardless of the number of kids who actually attend the session. Also if numbers increase by more than 20% on the day we may be unable to accommodate for the extra children so please notify us of any changes to numbers as early as possible.

Groups will be invoiced based on individual centre location rather than the parent organisation if multiple locations fall under the same organisation.

If you are able to pay the deposit online, please do so. Otherwise please select the ‘pay at the door’ icon on the checkout page and we will email you an invoice.

The pricing tiers apply to Total group numbers, irrespective of which gym the kids attend. The booking system is not clever enough to adjust the $20 price to reflect the large group discounts. Do not worry, all bookings are a $4 deposit and the final charge is calculated on the day based on how many kids you bring, based on the pricing tiers below.

Cancellation Policy: There is a one week change of mind window after booking where the deposit can be refunded otherwise cancellations outside of this window will lose the deposit.

To Book please use the booking calendar below

Group Pricing

Unit price is based on number of kids. The more you bring the cheaper it gets.


$20 each


$18 each


$17 each


$16 each


The children’s activities are supervised by our talented staff who will warm up the kids, introduce them to basic gymnastic skills and show the children through activity circuits. They will explain “what and how” to perform skills and supervise the children throughout the session. 

Jungle Gym is one of the best places to take groups looking for something unique, offering a program with equipment that is great fun, entertaining and challenging whilst creating skill awareness and confidence. The circuits are stimulating and keep the children constantly on the move with no long queues waiting their turn. In addition they are designed to suit not only the physically energetic but also the less agile and shy individuals.

Jungle Gym has now established an exciting, colourful jungle decor venue – Jungle Gym Minii (walking distance from Original Venue) with a program and equipment designed specifically for 4-6 yr olds.  We host the 4-6 yr olds at the Minii gym and the 7-11yr olds at the Big Gym.


Typical Session Program (Mon – Fri)

11-11:20am Warm up

11:20-11:30am Rules and Introductions

11:30-12:55pm Circuits and Activities 

12:55-1:00pm Pack up and Finish



1-15 children: $20 each

16-30 children: $18 each

31-45 children: $17 each

46+ children: $16 each


No matter what type of group you are, Jungle Gym provides facilities that will make your kids smile! So come give Jungle Gym a try, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.